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the economy can not do some involvement. Considerate use of experiences and acquired other practitioners or practitioner “of anything other than the class”. Their practical experience and theoretical.

So will we forge or enhance the concepts better able to translate what is happening and what we do. The CREU could be a place of analysis for this. It is clear that for this, regardless of their degree of clarity in relation to our practice or in relation to them is that practitioners we need, not practitioners (those who merely apply) or pure and enlightened scholars.

We need people who will help us to produce a clear and effective practice, a “theoretical practice,” and that’s right the reason of I.C.E.M. The Steering Committee I.C.E.M.-C.E.L. Finally, to “finish”, and prepare the year in October, this is the view of Jean Roucaute, CREU coordinator in 1977-1978: PROSPECTS AND PROJECTS 1. CREU track of “Life Skills” Freinet.

the CREU is a place of exchange between “major educators. “Academics, trainers frameworks, training of facilitators and educators and continuing education of all grades. -To facilitate their cooperation in action research, particularly to develop conceptual tools and techniques: .the terms of joint research between practitioners and researchers .the forms of collaboration between academics and educators of all kinds .the strength of the company and individuals at Modern School .the communication barriers in trade between educators. 2. Review CREU is designed to facilitate these exchanges and research by: .de brief notes on teaching companies being .Des more detailed analysis of some of them .Des conceptual deepening around themes reflecting databases or accounts reports of debates .Des bibliographic presentations.

We appeal to academics and students, as well as activists of the movement Freinet and CREU readers, for they support a regular column or a part of writing a CREU number. Copy editor: Jean ROUCAUTE Authors: Jean Laffitte and Rene Roucaute

In: Research and Study Center University CEL For teachers review Movements> Freinet movement> FIMEM March 1977 Quarterly Review of the Research Center and Technical Exchanges University Freinet No.

2 March 77 edited by CEL in Cannes Inez Maria Cabral FIMEM is the International Federation of Modern School Movement. It organizes an annual R.I.D.E.F. “International Meeting of Freinet Educators”. The movement of the Modern School, Brazil, was born from the collaboration of several French and Brazilian academics and activists Freinet several missions, including Roger Ueberschlag, President F.I.M.E.M.

Claudine Capoul and Michel-Edouard Bertrand. This Franco-Brazilian cooperation and cooperation of all levels of education and research in Brazil, from kindergarten to the university, resulting in a match between Maria Inez de Sao Paulo Cabral in Cannes that animates the “corner Brazil “in the local CREU and Maria Aparecida Medrado, which animates in Belo Horizonte a group of teachers” Freinet “. Here is how Maria Inez summarized, for CREU and his comrades from Brazil, the brochure “Estamos aqui” (We are here), minutes of the “Meeting of Freinet teachers, Belo Horizonte Training Center Joao Pinheiro, 1976” (handout of 46 pages) that we sent Maria Aparecida.

The 24, 25 and 30 November 1976 a group of Brazilian teachers conducted a first “meeting of Freinet educators” in Belo Horizonte, in Minas Gerais: Fifteen people, sometimes come from neighboring villages, sometimes remote cities 600 to 1 000 km arrived in Belo Horizonte with a lot of goodwill and animation. They claim to Freinet. However, he did not have to believe that a movement of Modern School in Brazil would be a simple adaptation or transplantation model I.C.E.M.

French tropical climate … Even before knowing the restructuring through which now the French movement, Brazilians began by trying to find their own way. And they attacked the concrete: “How the Freinet a reality in our classrooms?” While using techniques of “creative problem solving” they came to the question, the result of the synthesis of all their questions and proposals “Comrnent face the barriers of the traditional school (rigid programs, physical space, school organization, point of view of parents, colleagues no” freinetistes “blocked and conditioned students, and omniscient authoritarian image of the master , lack of resources) and avoid conflicts when we apply the Freinet techniques and we want to win, for the understanding and cooperation in our work, students, teachers, administration and parents? “. From this long question which includes all issues of the group, always through the techniques of “brainstorming” (agitation brains) they made a collection of data from reality and proposed solutions as 31 points.

For lack of time, they could not draw a synthesis, what they will do at their next meeting, always through a “brainstorming”. The 31 points that are still a little raw stage, are: 1. Educate teachers 2. Educate everyone in school from the work we show them 3. Use common sense 4. working with parents 5. Disclose the work 6. Specify the first step to 7. regarding the programs, compromise 8. Winning students’ confidence 9. Train Freinet groups in schools 10. Being idealistic and firm 11.

Resist difficulties 12. Create Freinet Brazilian movement 13. Do not get discouraged by the difficulties we face with students 14. Resisting barriers from colleagues 15. Show productivity 16. facing external criticism 17 . F ire the results achieved 18.

Accept criticism 19 Promoting freedom of action 20. to help students realize that they can be part of the movement 21. Insist that the maitr e should have a pretty good general knowledge 22. Try to understand people to avoid conflict and change the situation 23.

Invite other schools and other teachers to come to see us work 24. renew the point of view of technical 25. be able to adapt to the rhythm of each student 26. Wait until things ripen 27. Knowing how to respect each student as a unique human being 28. Work with the student even reality 29. Know improvise 30.

Know respect the interest of the student intuitively 31. Feel the student. ” If all these discussions took as its starting point the ideas of Freinet and accomplishments of 1 ‘(. EMC and aim a renovation of the Brazilian education by Freinet techniques, dynamics in which they were held is clearly inspired north American models: “T-group”, “group dynamics”, “brainstorming” … what will the Brazilian group is to find a balance between i cant do my history homework
french humanism and “creativity” north American technocracy.

I hope we can once again demonstrate our creative spirit. Recognizing the impossibility of escaping to foreign influences, our innovative poets and protesters 20s, called “modernist” proposed a conscious appropriation of foreign models to draw something personal, characteristic, again. They proposed and practiced themselves “cannibalism”.

That is the creative mind of which I speak . From this mixture of humanism and even idealism of the French School of the Modern Movement and the technicality of North American origin pioneering but often alienating, we must take a self-Freinet and vigorous at the Brazilian. Maria Inez Cavalieri Cabral Author: Maria Inez Cabral
By Patrick Labarriere on 09/22/18 – 3:31 p.m.

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